Tangerine-flavoured Yerba Mate

How do we make Tangerine-flavoured Yerba Mate?


As always, also in this case, the most important thing is to obtain the finest quality raw materials and carefully select each leaf of the Paraguayan holly – the plant from which this traditional beverage of the South American Guarani and Quechua Indians is made.


What makes LOYD Tangerine-flavoured Yerba Mate taste so amazing?


First of all, it tastes so good because we have enriched the classic Yerba Mate with a citrusy tangerine flavour. Secondly, and this is our real secret, because we have enclosed both ingredients in a three-dimensional pyramid teabag. Its shape and the flavour-free material it’s made from allows even the tiniest speck of the dry ingredients to come into contact with boiling water. As a result, the final infusion dazzles with rich sensations.


When is LOYD Tangerine-flavoured Yerba Mate at its most enchanting?


Yerba Mate is a universal beverage. It works at all times and in all situations. You should try it when you feel that your energy levels are fading and you need something that will definitely and effectively stimulate your mind to work better.