Rooibos Pure


How do we make LOYD Rooibos Pure tea?


South Africa is the home of the rooibos plant (redbush). Its dried leaves are cut into small pieces of 2mm long at the most. The ready infusion has a characteristic reddish colour and a unique, slightly honey-like taste.


What makes the taste of LOYD Rooibos Pure tea so amazing?


First of all, redbush leaves are devoid of the typical bitter notes of traditional tea. Instead, they offer delicately sweet flavours. Just as important is the way in which the dry leaves are packed. We place them in special envelopes to keep their aromatic freshness for longer.


When is LOYD Rooibos Pure tea at its most enchanting?


It’s a relaxing drink, whose pleasant, honey-like flavour is enjoyable regardless of whether we serve it in the morning, at high noon or at dusk.



Note: the leaves of rooibos do not contain tannins, which means it can be served to children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.