Rooibos Orange & Cinnamon

How do we make LOYD  Rooibos Orange & Cinnamon tea?


First we take the subtly honeyed softness of the South African redbush leaves (rooibos), then we season it with the spicy sweetness of cinnamon. At the end, we enfold the whole within the juicy citrus notes of oranges.


What makes the taste of LOYD Rooibos Orange & Cinnamon tea so amazing?


The perfectly balanced proportions of the ingredients and the lack of the bitter notes typical for traditional teas are the most important advantages of this remarkable product. However, it is worth mentioning something else: the envelopes, which allow the dry leaves enclosed in them to confidently wait for the moment when they become an aromatic infusion.


Note: rooibos leaves do not contain tannins, which means it can be served to children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


When is LOYD Rooibos Orange & Cinnamon tea at its most enchanting?


This kind of a relaxing drink is perfect every time you feel like a citrusy-cinnamon sweet refreshment.