Rooibos Honey & Madagascan Vanilla

How do we make LOYD  Rooibos Honey & Madagascan Vanilla?


This tea combines three remarkable components: South African redbush leaves, the familiar sweetness of honey, and the wonderfully aromatic vanilla.


What makes the taste of LOYD Rooibos Honey & Madagascan Vanilla so amazing?


The first reason is the great ingredients. The second, the specially designed envelopes in which the dry tea leaves have been enclosed so they can charm with their freshness for longer. The third is the fact that the infusion of the redbush leaves is devoid of the bitter notes typical for traditional teas.


When is LOYD Rooibos Honey & Madagascan Vanilla tea at its most enchanting?


When, on a summer afternoon, you’re in the mood for a relaxing journey to the land of the sensual flavours of honey and the relaxing aromas of vanilla.


Note: the leaves of rooibos do not contain tannins, which means it can be served to children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women.