Rooibos Honey & Vanilla

How do we make LOYD Rooibos Honey & Vanilla tea?


Redbush or rooibos: this is  the name of the plant which produces the primary component of this incredibly aromatic tea. By adding sweet honey and aromatic vanilla, we get an irresistibly charming beverage.


What makes the taste of LOYD Rooibos Honey & Vanilla tea so amazing?


The heady aroma of vanilla, the soothing sweetness of honey, and the unique flavour of rooibos create a perfect ready-made recipe for a fine dessert tea. What deserves special attention is the fact that each of the teabags enclosing the dry leaves has been placed in a metallised foil envelope. As a result, the tea stays fresh much longer than in traditional packaging.


When to serve LOYD Rooibos Honey & Vanilla tea?


When you want to offer your customers moments of sweet vanilla delight…