Rich India (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Rich India tea?


The bushes of this exquisite tea grow by the Brahmaputra river, in the shadow of the world’s highest mountains. Only the youngest, and thus the most delicate, leaves are collected. It is those leaves that end up in our luxury tins, for the delight of real connoisseurs of this golden infusion.


What makes LOYD Rich India taste so amazing?


The LOYD Finest Selection range is aimed at customers looking for teas from reputable plantations. Thanks to the placing of dry tea leaves in three-dimensional bags made from flavour-free  material, water can extremely effectively bring out all the charm hidden in the tea leaves.


When is LOYD Rich India tea at its most charming?


You will appreciate its extraordinary qualities the most when you feel like a cup of truly Oriental sophistication.