Raspberry and Strawberry

How do we make LOYD Raspberry and Strawberry tea?


We start with the fresh juiciness of June strawberries then we add the intoxicating sweetness of July raspberries. We season the aromatic infusion with the depth of ripe fruit and at the end, we infuse everything with the scent of carefree holidays.


What makes LOYD Raspberry and Strawberry tea taste so amazing?


It’s the three-dimensional pyramid teabags! Thanks to the silky fabric from which they are made, they gradually release all the goodness from the dried fruit. These bags melt into the background: they are flavour-free so they showcase the natural character of the fruit. When everything’s done, they disappear from the surface of the earth because they are fully biodegradable.


When is the best time to be enchanted by LOYD Raspberry and Strawberry tea?


The best? Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Hot and iced. It is a warming drink on cold days and in the summer, when the heat radiates from the sky, it is as refreshing as the morning dew.