Pineapple and Pear

How do we make LOYD Pineapple and Pear tea?


We start with the pineapple, full of sweetness and exotic flavours, and then we invite the pear – also sweet, and incredibly aromatic – to join the dance. In the end, we have nothing else to do but observe their graceful harmony of flavours with delight.


What makes LOYD Pineapple and Pear tea so incredibly flavourful?


Each of these fruits is a mega-star by itself. Together they create a truly masterful duet. And thanks to our three-dimensional teabags, boiling water can very effectively extract the goodness out of the dried fruit placed inside: all of the fruity essence.


When is  LOYD Pineapple and Pear tea at its most charming?


In our opinion – always and at every occasion. This is one of the teas that have a particularly strong effect on the senses. It seduces with sweetness, soothes with soft aromas, and induces a mood of blissful relaxation.