Pear with Ginger (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Pear with Ginger tea?


When creating this tea we wanted to express and emphasise the full sweetness of the pear in the best possible way. For this purpose, ginger is ideal: an ingredient that perfectly highlights and enhances the taste of everything it works with.


What makes LOYD Pear with Ginger tea taste so amazing?


First of all, the addition of ginger enhances the flavour of the pear. The second reason lies in the pyramid-shaped teabags, in which we have placed the dry tea ingredients. Their design and material mean that the resulting infusion is unequalled in terms of both flavour and aroma.


When is LOYD Pear with Ginger at its most charming?


A lot depends on how this exquisite tea is served. A hot brew warms you up magnificently with the power of the spicy ginger, while a glass of iced tea refreshes with the delicate sweetness of the pear.