Moroccan Mint (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Moroccan Mint tea?


When creating a tea whose taste evokes the exotic atmosphere of North Africa every time, we reached for ingredients perfectly harmonised with the refreshing power of aromatic mint: spicy cinnamon, citrusy orange and sensual rosehip.


What makes LOYD Moroccan Mint tea taste so amazing?


Mint, regardless of the company it keeps, always plays the first fiddle. However, there is something else: our three-dimensional, flavour-free pyramid teabags in which we place the components of this exceptional tea. Thanks to them, the boiling water can extract all the goodness from the dry leaves.


When is LOYD Moroccan Mint tea at its most enchanting?

This type of tea captivates regardless of the situation. Every sip is like a carefree moment of a holiday spent in a luxurious exotic resort.