Mint with Rosehip and Cranberry

How do we make LOYD Mint with Rosehip and Cranberry tea?


It’s one of our  tea compositions in which we try to reconcile ingredients with extremely different temperaments: the shy modesty of cranberries, the hot sensuality of the rosehip, and the refreshing joy of mint.


What gives LOYD Mint with Rosehip and Cranberry tea its out of this world flavour?


The mint would not smell so refreshing, the rosehip would not taste so sensual, and the cranberry would not glitter so fruitily if it were not for our pyramid teabags. They allow the boiling water to reach even the smallest specks of the dry leaves and fruit.


When is LOYD Mint tea with Rosehip and Cranberry at its most charming?


Truly – at any time of day. Reach for this tea when you feel you need a boost of spring refreshment from the mint, some sensual calm from the rosehip, and a big dose of healthy support from the cranberry.