Mint with Ginger and Honey (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Mint with Ginger and Honey tea?


When creating LOYD teas, we always look for unusual flavour configurations. We take seemingly distant components and create a harmonious symphony. In this particular case we have combined intoxicatingly aromatic mint, oriental spicy ginger and honey, dripping with sweetness.


What makes LOYD Mint with Ginger and Honey tea taste so amazing?


Such a sophisticated trio of flavours deserves special treatment. Therefore, all three components have been placed in our special pyramid teabags made from flavour-free, silky material. The shape of the teabags allows the water to freely reach each piece of the dry ingredients, bringing out everything that nature itself has hidden there.


When is LOYD Mint with Ginger and Honey tea at its most charming?


When you feel that the traditional mint tea is not enough to experience refreshment full of oriental energy.