How do we make LOYD Mint tea?


Mint tea is a drink which needs no special introductions. A fragrance that stimulates the senses and the feeling of total refreshment – these two qualities mean that it’s always good to have LOYD Mint tea at hand. The secret of its success lies in the strict selection of raw materials, which takes place early on at the growers.


What makes LOYD Mint tea taste so amazing?


Peppermint does not need advertising. It’s one of those herbs that we reach for very happily.  However, in order to be able to enjoy the fullness of its intoxicating aroma, the correct storage conditions for the dry leaves must be guaranteed. That is why each of the LOYD Mint teabags is further enclosed in an envelope made from metallised foil. Thanks to the excellent protection properties of the latter, the tea maintains its freshness for longer.


When to serve LOYD Mint tea?


Drinking tea made from peppermint leaves is one of the most enjoyable ways to ensure the proper functioning of your digestive system. Mint also works well as a refreshing and revitalising drink.