Lemon Black Tea

How do we make LOYD Lemon Tea?


We take the refined notes of black tea bitterness and highlight them with sunny accents of juicy lemons. This creates a perfectly balanced amber-coloured infusion that guarantees relaxation and breathing space after a hard day.


What makes LOYD Lemon Tea so flavoursome?


It’s not just because it’s made of perfectly selected tea leaves. Thanks to our flavour-free, biodegradable pyramid teabags, each of the leaves is effectively washed by boiling water, which brings out the fullness of the refined flavour bouquet.


When is LOYD Lemon Tea at its most enticing?


Actually – at any time of year. LOYD Lemon Tea brightens up cloudy days  like no other with its sunny freshness of lemons and the refinement of black tea. Both as a warming infusion and as a refreshing iced drink.