Lemon balm with Hops and Cardamom

How do we make LOYD Lemon balm with Hops and Cardamom tea?

We have combined three unique storylines in one exciting tea narrative. In our innovative pyramid teabags we have locked the tranquil softness of lemon balm, the youthful freshness of hops, and the oriental spiciness of cardamom…


What makes the flavour of LOYD Lemon balm with Hops and Cardamom tea simply out of this world?


This tea was destined to be a success from the very beginning. Not only because we succeeded in creating an extremely unusual flavour. But also because of the already mentioned pyramid teabags made of flavour-free, biodegradable material. They allow the leaves to be very effectively reached by the boiling water, which brings out the whole range of flavours and aromas.


When is LOYD Lemon balm with hops and cardamom tea at its most charming?


When, during the commotion of everyday life you want to find a small moment for yourself, looking for tea that will immerse your senses in a state of blissful pleasure…