Green with Raspberry

How do we make LOYD Green Tea with Raspberry?


We complement the pure chords of green tea with the vibrant notes of juicy raspberries. That’s how we create a tea symphony, in which the harmony of flavours and aromas is the dominant theme. Thanks to the green tea leaves, deliberately left unfermented, the infusion seduces the senses with its natural colour and its pure, untainted flavour.


What makes the  LOYD Green Tea with Raspberry taste so special?


The secret of its unique taste lies in the shape of the pyramid teabags and the material from which they have been made. The three-dimensional shape of the teabags allows the tea leaves to give all of their goodness. And the flavour-free, biodegradable material allows the leading actors in this show — green tea and raspberry — to really shine.


When is LOYD Green Tea with Raspberry at its most charming?


Morning, noon and evening. In the morning, it gently awakens the senses. At midday, it gives energy for the rest of the day. And in the evening it helps you to cool down and gently unwind.