Green with Orange

How do we make LOYD Green tea with Orange?


We take the oriental sophistication of green tea and gently combine it with the aromatic sensuality of sweet citrus: oranges and tangerines. The final effect is a delight every time…


What makes the flavour of LOYD Green tea with Orange simply out of this world?


The first reason lies in the leaves of green tea, which are not fermented, so they can simply captivate with their natural qualities. The second reason is hidden in the material from which we make the pyramid teabags. The third, in their shape, which allows the water to bring the whole feast of flavours out of the dry tea leaves.


When is LOYD Green tea with Orange at its most enchanting?


When you want to pamper your senses on an extraordinary journey: from a sunny citrus-fragranced trip to the Mediterranean, to an exotic tea voyage into the depths of Asia.