Green with Mint

How do we make LOYD Green tea with Mint?


First we carefully pick long leaves of green tea to select the ones with the fullest flavour. Then we add aromatic mint to create a pale-yellow, spring-fresh delight for all.


What makes the flavour of LOYD Green tea with Mint simply out of this world?


We have locked the refined flavours of green tea and the refreshing power of fresh mint in our innovative three-dimensional pyramid teabags which are made from flavour-free, biodegradable material. Thus, the infusion impresses with its unrivalled fullness of flavours and rich aromas.


When is LOYD Green tea with Mint at its most enticing?


LOYD Green tea with Mint is especially effective when you need a little bit of healthy pleasure and a soothing refreshment in the midst of a busy, rushed day.