Green with Lemon

How do we make LOYD Green tea with Lemon?


Everything starts with an extraordinarily meticulous selection of tea leaves. Only this approach guarantees the highest quality of the final product, which in turn leads to the exceptional refinement of the resulting tea infusion.


What gives LOYD Green tea with Lemon its out of this world flavour ?


The unique taste and aroma of green tea and the sunny lightness of lemons have been placed in our pyramid teabags made of a biodegradable, flavour-free material. Thanks to those innovative teabags, water has unrestricted access to even the smallest tea leaves.


When is LOYD Green tea with Lemon at its most enticing?


It’s one of those teas that taste delicious at any time of day or night. For example, when you feel that you really need a cup of healthy refreshment.