Green Quince & Prickly Pear

How do we make LOYD  Green Quince & Prickly Pear tea?


It is one of the most exotic combinations we have ever created. Green tea leaves in a cheeky banter with the exotic prickly pear, and the whole seasoned with the captivating scent of the aromatic quince. The end result: at least unparalleled!


What makes the taste of LOYD Green Quince & Prickly Pear tea so amazing?


The brilliant combination of unusual ingredients is just the first factor in the secret of this tea’ssuccess. The other factor is the unassuming, but extremely useful, envelopes in which the valuable dry leaves have been enclosed. In the envelopes, the leaves can stay fresh for longer, which means a high quality infusion every time.


When is LOYD Green Quince & Prickly Pear tea at its most enchanting?


As a hot infusion, LOYD Green Quince & Prickly Pear warms with the power of the quince aroma. As iced tea, it refreshes with the intriguing note of prickly pear. Regardless of the serving method, green tea always supports your body with its health-giving properties.