Green Lemon & Lime with Ginger

How do we make LOYD  Green Lemon & Lime tea with Ginger?


When creating this composition, we wanted to give the noble green tea a youthful, slightly sassy boost. That is why we reached for sunny lemon and refreshing lime, and we have seasoned the whole ensemble with the spicy notes of fragrant ginger.


What makes LOYD Green Lemon & Lime tea with Ginger taste so amazing?


We not only took care about the top-class ingredients, carefully selected raw materials and the correct balancing of the proportions, but the packaging of the dry tea leaves proved to be equally important. We have used a special envelope, so that the tea can delight with its freshness for much longer.


When is LOYD Green Lemon & Lime with Ginger tea at its most enchanting?


On summer days, served as iced tea, it refreshes with its citrus juiciness. And when the temperatures fall, a hot infusion effectively warms you up with the spicy aroma of ginger.