Green Sense & Aloe Vera

How do we make LOYD  Green Sense & Aloe Vera tea?


First we take a handful of oriental notes of green tea. Then we add a generous pinch of velvety tones of white tea to them. We crown the whole composition with the lily of the desert – this is what Aloe Vera is called – one of the most amazing plants we have ever included in our tea compositions.


What makes the taste of LOYD Green Sense & Aloe Vera so amazing?


When creating the Green Sense tea range, we wanted to create an impact on the senses so that every sip induced a state of endless pleasure. That is why we chose the ingredients that charm with their sophisticated flavours and equally exciting aromas. You also cannot forget about the specially designed envelopes, in which the precious tea leaves have been placed. Thanks to them, the infusion can delight with its mastery every time.


When is LOYD Green Sense & Aloe Vera tea at its most enchanting?


When, after an exhausting day’s work, you want to delight your senses with a description-defying journey.