Green Gunpowder

How do we make LOYD Green Gunpowder tea?


This type of LOYD tea, whose name is most often associated with gunpowder, is created by rolling broad leaves into glossy green pellets. We do not have to say how much attention to detail goes into the selection process of the raw tea material, because it just comes naturally to us.


What makes the flavour of LOYD Green Gunpowder tea so amazing?


A deep flavour full of sophisticated refinement and a lightly sweet aroma are the hallmarks of this unique tea. We have made every effort to allow our green gunpowder tea to shine, so we have placed the leaves in our innovative flavour-free pyramid teabags.


When is  LOYD Green Gunpowder tea at its most enchanting?


To tell the truth, and without exaggeration, at any time of day or night. For example, on a Monday morning, when you really need an explosive shot of positive energy.