Green Chun Mee

How do we make LOYD Green Chun Mee tea?


In the extremely meticulous selection process, we choose only the best “precious eyebrows” (this is what Chun Mee literally translates as). The result of paying such attention to detail in the selection of the raw material is the same every time: an infusion with a phenomenal taste and aroma.


What gives LOYD Green Chun Mee tea its out of this world flavour?


Even the most noble variety of tea will not be able to express its full potential if the dry leaves are locked in a sealed teabag. That’s why our pyramid teabags are different: they allow us to extract Chun Mee’s unique slightly herbal aroma and its wonderfully light sweetness.


When is LOYD Green Chun Mee tea at its most enticing?


This tea allows you to complete every meal with a perfect accord of understatedly exotic sophistication. Everything is possible thanks to the balanced combination of subtle bitter notes with a distinct tone of sweetness.