Gold Tea

How do we make LOYD Gold Tea?


Before a cup gets filled with the amber-coloured aromatic infusion, the leaves of this black tea must undergo a painstaking process of extremely meticulous selection. Only such an approach guarantees maintaining the constant flavour of our Gold Tea.


What makes the taste of LOYD Gold Tea so amazing?


Perfect climatic conditions, correct cultivation, careful selection – these are only some of the elements that contribute to the final success of our Gold Tea. It is worth mentioning another factor, of utmost importance: the packaging and storing of the teabags. Each of the teabags is protected by a special envelope made of metallised foil. This is a great way to maintain the freshness of such a delicate product.


When to serve LOYD Gold Tea?


When you want to enchant your guests with a taste of one of the finest golden teas in the world.