Earl Grey (tin)

How do we make LOYD Earl Grey tea?


Earl Grey is the queen among exquisite teas. Black tea leaves are wrapped in a soft cloud of essential oils extruded from bergamot orange peel. But we have gone even further, adding cornflower petals, so that each encounter with our tea brings incredible delight to your senses…


What makes LOYD Earl Grey taste so amazing?


Excellent quality, a perfectly chosen aroma, and a tasteful cornflower note combine to make the foundations on which the success of LOYD Earl Grey tea is built. But there is something else: our three-dimensional, flavour-free, and biodegradable pyramid teabags. Thanks to them, the water has unhampered access to the dry tea leaves and, thus, can extract from them multiple layers of fantastic flavours and equally exciting aromas.


When will LOYD Earl Grey tea entice the most?


It would be easier to list moments in which Earl Grey tea does not entice. But on the other hand, not really — after all, such moments simply don’t exist.