Dark Kenya (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Dark Kenya tea?


Dark Kenya is another pearl in our tea collection. The long black leaves are obtained from plantations bathed in hot African air. Before ending up in our tins, the leaves undergo a meticulous, painstaking selection.


What makes LOYD Dark Kenya tea taste so amazing?


The words that we have placed on the packaging of this tea (Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) mean that a blend of the highest quality broken leaves is waiting for you inside. But there’s more. The other piece of good news is our unique pyramid teabags, in which we have enclosed the precious dry leaves. Their shape allows the boiling water to extract the full measure of tea sophistication from the leaves.


When is LOYD Dark Kenya tea at its most charming?


A lot depends on how it is served. In the summer, as iced tea, it’s refreshing like the snows of Kilimanjaro. In the winter, as a hot brew, it warms you up like the sun over the African savanna.