Cranberry and Raspberry

How do we make LOYD Cranberry and Raspberry tea?


This is one of the LOYD teas that combine fruit of similar colours. Only here the juicy sweetness of ripe raspberries perfectly complements the red of cranberries bursting with vitamins. This is how we make the tea that’s a must – not just on cold and wet autumn days.


What makes LOYD Cranberry and Raspberry tea so delicious?

It is simple: we know how to extract all the flavours carefully hidden in nature’s treasure chest. We have used our special three-dimensional pyramid teabags made of a silky material, so that the boiling water has much better access to the dried fruit hidden inside. What’s important is that this material is completely biodegradable and therefore environmentally safe.


When is LOYD Cranberry and Raspberry tea at its most enchanting?


Throughout the year, but especially when the temperatures outside are clearly falling, the grey autumn days are closing in, and you feel that you are losing the fight against colds and sniffles again.