Caramel-flavoured Camomile

How do we make LOYD Caramel-flavoured Camomile tea?


We never stop looking for innovative combinations of flavours and aromas. In the case of this tea, first we carefully select specimens of one of the most unusual herbs – camomile. Then we dip them into an intoxicatingly sweet caramel bath.


What makes the flavour of LOYD Caramel-flavoured Camomile tea so amazing?


We have done our best to ensure that even the smallest speck of dry tea leaves delivers all of its goodness to every drop of the aromatic tea infusion. That is why we use our special flavour-free pyramid teabags, made of silky biodegradable material.


When is LOYD Caramel-flavoured Camomile tea at its most charming?


It is particularly worth reaching for this tea in the autumn and winter, when you need the camomile’s support in fighting minor infections. Its caramel flavour will easily sweeten even the most cloudy moments of a winter cold.