Blackberry and Blueberry

How do we make LOYD Blackberry and Blueberry tea?


First we pick the sweet and subtle blueberry from the boundless forest of flavours, then we add the tangy wild blackberry. In this way, we give the tea infusion a natural woodland character.


What makes LOYD Blackberry and Blueberry tea taste so fantastic?


The most intense flavour and aroma would mean nothing if we trapped them in the wrong teabag. Fortunately, LOYD tea is known for its innovative solutions, such as our three-dimensional pyramid teabags made of a silky material, which allow the boiling water to effectively extract the taste and aroma of dried fruit.


When is LOYD Blackberry and Blueberry tea at its most enticing?


All year round. In the spring, when trees slowly wake up from their winter sleep. In the summer, when the woods are bustling with life. In the autumn, when the forest is wrapped in rich golden hues. And in the winter, when everything is bound by frost.