Black Sense Ceylon

How do we make LOYD  Black Sense Ceylon tea?


Sri Lanka is a place that, by the virtue of its prevailing climate and soil conditions, is perfect for the cultivation of tea bushes. Before the highest quality black tea leaves make their way to your cup, they undergo a painstaking selection process. As a result of this, you are guaranteed that the amber coloured infusion will delight you every time, regardless of the situation.


What makes the taste of LOYD Black Sense Ceylon tea so amazing?


The secret of teas from the Sense range lies in the envelopes. Both the material from which they are made and their design, mean that the dry leaves can maintain their quality for a long time.


When is LOYD Black Sense Ceylon tea at its most enchanting?


When you need a moment of blissful doing-nothing accompanied by a cup of golden infusion, which captivates with its deep taste and sophisticated aroma.