Blackcurrant with Elderflower

How do we make LOYD Blackcurrant with Elderflower tea?


It’s one of the teas that resonate with floral notes. We wanted to create a sophisticated infusion with a deep colour. That’s why we have picked fruit which, when ripe, stands out with its intense, dark colour. To the rare elderflower we have added the refreshing blackcurrant with its delicate acidity.


What makes the flavour of LOYD Blackcurrant with Elderflower tea so amazing?


First of all, our combining – in the correct proportions – two infrequently matched ingredients. Secondly, the biodegradable, flavour-free material from which we make the three-dimensional teabags.


When is LOYD Blackcurrant with Elderflower tea at its most delightful?


When you want a cup of tea which will surprise you with a sublime and unique combination of the mysterious elderflower and the youthful, tangy blackcurrant.

Lemon balm with Strawberry and Black Pepper (tin)

How do we make LOYD Lemon balm with Strawberry and Black Pepper?


This time we decided to combine extreme opposites: the calming gentleness of the lemon balm and the angelic sweetness of strawberries with the vivid sass of black pepper.


What makes LOYD Lemon balm with Strawberry and Black Pepper taste so amazing?


First, it’s the incredibly unusual combination of extremely different flavours. Secondly, the innovative shape of the teabags in which the ingredients of that tea have been placed. The pyramid shape allows the water to reach the tiniest fragments of the dry ingredients, giving the infusion its depth and uniqueness.


When is LOYD Lemon balm with Strawberry and Black Pepper at its most enchanting?


When you want to surprise your guests with a tea that prides itself on its truly exotic and extremely sophisticated combination of flavours and aromas.

Mint with Ginger and Honey (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Mint with Ginger and Honey tea?


When creating LOYD teas, we always look for unusual flavour configurations. We take seemingly distant components and create a harmonious symphony. In this particular case we have combined intoxicatingly aromatic mint, oriental spicy ginger and honey, dripping with sweetness.


What makes LOYD Mint with Ginger and Honey tea taste so amazing?


Such a sophisticated trio of flavours deserves special treatment. Therefore, all three components have been placed in our special pyramid teabags made from flavour-free, silky material. The shape of the teabags allows the water to freely reach each piece of the dry ingredients, bringing out everything that nature itself has hidden there.


When is LOYD Mint with Ginger and Honey tea at its most charming?


When you feel that the traditional mint tea is not enough to experience refreshment full of oriental energy.

Moroccan Mint (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Moroccan Mint tea?


When creating a tea whose taste evokes the exotic atmosphere of North Africa every time, we reached for ingredients perfectly harmonised with the refreshing power of aromatic mint: spicy cinnamon, citrusy orange and sensual rosehip.


What makes LOYD Moroccan Mint tea taste so amazing?


Mint, regardless of the company it keeps, always plays the first fiddle. However, there is something else: our three-dimensional, flavour-free pyramid teabags in which we place the components of this exceptional tea. Thanks to them, the boiling water can extract all the goodness from the dry leaves.


When is LOYD Moroccan Mint tea at its most enchanting?

This type of tea captivates regardless of the situation. Every sip is like a carefree moment of a holiday spent in a luxurious exotic resort.

Raspberry with Seaberry

How do we make LOYD Raspberry with Seaberry tea?


When creating this tea we wanted to present the well-known raspberry in a brand-new, unique edition. We have combined its distinctive sweetness with the sour tang of the seaberry, also known as sea buckthorn.


What makes LOYD Raspberry with Seaberry tea taste so amazing?


The secret behind the distinctive taste of this tea is exceptionally inconspicuous. Thanks to our three-dimensional, pyramid teabags made of flavour-free, biodegradable material, both the raspberry and the seaberry have the unique chance to fully express their potential.


When is LOYD Raspberry with Seaberry tea at its most enchanting?


When you feel like a meeting with something that will positively shock your taste buds, leaving them in a state of pleasant wonder.

Pear with Ginger (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Pear with Ginger tea?


When creating this tea we wanted to express and emphasise the full sweetness of the pear in the best possible way. For this purpose, ginger is ideal: an ingredient that perfectly highlights and enhances the taste of everything it works with.


What makes LOYD Pear with Ginger tea taste so amazing?


First of all, the addition of ginger enhances the flavour of the pear. The second reason lies in the pyramid-shaped teabags, in which we have placed the dry tea ingredients. Their design and material mean that the resulting infusion is unequalled in terms of both flavour and aroma.


When is LOYD Pear with Ginger at its most charming?


A lot depends on how this exquisite tea is served. A hot brew warms you up magnificently with the power of the spicy ginger, while a glass of iced tea refreshes with the delicate sweetness of the pear.

Black Citrus (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Black Citrus tea?


First, carefully and with great consideration, we select the best black teas with long, broken leaves and then we ornament them with lemon and orange notes of refreshment. The result exceeds our expectations every time.


What makes LOYD Black Citrus tea taste so amazing?


The first reason is the extremely careful selection of rare, high-quality black teas. The second is our unusual, innovative, pyramid-shaped teabags. Thanks to the flavour-free material, from which they are made, the Black Citrus tea infusion has unprecedented depth and strength.


When is LOYD Black Citrus tea at its most fascinating?


It’s among the teas worth reaching for when you want to add noble brilliance to an important, solemn moment.

Earl Grey (tin)

How do we make LOYD Earl Grey tea?


Earl Grey is the queen among exquisite teas. Black tea leaves are wrapped in a soft cloud of essential oils extruded from bergamot orange peel. But we have gone even further, adding cornflower petals, so that each encounter with our tea brings incredible delight to your senses…


What makes LOYD Earl Grey taste so amazing?


Excellent quality, a perfectly chosen aroma, and a tasteful cornflower note combine to make the foundations on which the success of LOYD Earl Grey tea is built. But there is something else: our three-dimensional, flavour-free, and biodegradable pyramid teabags. Thanks to them, the water has unhampered access to the dry tea leaves and, thus, can extract from them multiple layers of fantastic flavours and equally exciting aromas.


When will LOYD Earl Grey tea entice the most?


It would be easier to list moments in which Earl Grey tea does not entice. But on the other hand, not really — after all, such moments simply don’t exist.

Dark Kenya (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Dark Kenya tea?


Dark Kenya is another pearl in our tea collection. The long black leaves are obtained from plantations bathed in hot African air. Before ending up in our tins, the leaves undergo a meticulous, painstaking selection.


What makes LOYD Dark Kenya tea taste so amazing?


The words that we have placed on the packaging of this tea (Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) mean that a blend of the highest quality broken leaves is waiting for you inside. But there’s more. The other piece of good news is our unique pyramid teabags, in which we have enclosed the precious dry leaves. Their shape allows the boiling water to extract the full measure of tea sophistication from the leaves.


When is LOYD Dark Kenya tea at its most charming?


A lot depends on how it is served. In the summer, as iced tea, it’s refreshing like the snows of Kilimanjaro. In the winter, as a hot brew, it warms you up like the sun over the African savanna.

Rich India (tin)

How do we make LOYD  Rich India tea?


The bushes of this exquisite tea grow by the Brahmaputra river, in the shadow of the world’s highest mountains. Only the youngest, and thus the most delicate, leaves are collected. It is those leaves that end up in our luxury tins, for the delight of real connoisseurs of this golden infusion.


What makes LOYD Rich India taste so amazing?


The LOYD Finest Selection range is aimed at customers looking for teas from reputable plantations. Thanks to the placing of dry tea leaves in three-dimensional bags made from flavour-free  material, water can extremely effectively bring out all the charm hidden in the tea leaves.


When is LOYD Rich India tea at its most charming?


You will appreciate its extraordinary qualities the most when you feel like a cup of truly Oriental sophistication.