Rosehip & Raspberry

How do we make LOYD Rosehip & Raspberry tea?


This is one of those classic flavour combinations that work in any situation: the delicate raspberry bursting with sweetness playing in harmony with the sensual, intoxicatingly aromatic rosehip.


What makes LOYD Rosehip & Raspberry tea taste so amazing?


First of all, the excellent quality of the raw materials and the perfect proportions of the ingredients used. The second reason why it is worth paying attention to this particular tea is its freshness. We achieve it with our special envelopes made from metallised foil, in which we place each individual tea bag.


When to serve LOYD Rosehip & Raspberry?


When you want to delight your guests with the velvety aroma of tea made of typical Polish fruit.

Forest Fruit

How do we make LOYD  Forest Fruit?


It’s one of those exceptional teas that contain remarkable treasures from the Polish woodlands. When creating it, we wanted to make each fragrant cup feel like a blissful moment of rest in a paradise-like clearing hidden in the heart of a primeval forest.



What makes the taste of LOYD Forest Fruit tea so amazing?


It’s largely thanks to the extremely carefully chosen ingredients combined in optimal proportions. But there is something else: the packaging. Each of the teabags has been placed in a separate envelope made of metallised foil, which effectively helps to maintain the freshness of the dry ingredients.


When to serve LOYD Forest Fruit tea?


When you want to enchant your guests with the rich flavours and aromas of woodland treasures.


How do we make LOYD  Strawberry tea?


Strawberry is one of our favourite fruits. When creating our LOYD Strawberry tea, we decided to extract the best out of each strawberry: its stunning sweetness, youthful freshness and fruity joy.


What makes the taste of LOYD Strawberry taste so amazing?


Not only the exceptional qualities of strawberries. We have made sure that this tea can seduce with its unique freshness. That’s why every teabag is protected by a special envelope made from metallised foil.


When to serve LOYD Strawberry tea?


When you want to put your guests in a pleasant, fruity mood …