Intense Black Tea

Tea grows slowly in the African sun, and before its leaves are added to Loyd’s three-dimensional pyramids, they are carefully selected; and to ensure you can enjoy the full rich flavour and aroma of Kenyan tea, we’ve added even more tea leaves to each bag.

Lemon Black Tea

How do we make LOYD Lemon Tea?


We take the refined notes of black tea bitterness and highlight them with sunny accents of juicy lemons. This creates a perfectly balanced amber-coloured infusion that guarantees relaxation and breathing space after a hard day.


What makes LOYD Lemon Tea so flavoursome?


It’s not just because it’s made of perfectly selected tea leaves. Thanks to our flavour-free, biodegradable pyramid teabags, each of the leaves is effectively washed by boiling water, which brings out the fullness of the refined flavour bouquet.


When is LOYD Lemon Tea at its most enticing?


Actually – at any time of year. LOYD Lemon Tea brightens up cloudy days  like no other with its sunny freshness of lemons and the refinement of black tea. Both as a warming infusion and as a refreshing iced drink.

Earl Grey

How do we make LOYD Black Tea Earl Grey?


The secret of LOYD Black Tea Earl Grey is hidden in the incredibly strict and meticulous selection of raw materials. Only a small percentage of black tea leaves have the chance to end up in the tea paradise, the red packets of LOYD tea.


What makes the taste of LOYD Black Tea Earl Grey so amazing?


This is undoubtedly due to the unusual, specially designed, three-dimensional pyramid teabags. They have been made of silky, flavour-free material. Thanks to that, every splendid leaf has the opportunity to show off its unique bouquet of flavours and aromas to everybody.


When is LOYD Black Tea Classic at its most charming?


This is a classic tea, exuding stylish elegance which is a delight regardless of the time of day or situation.

Gold Ceylon

How do we make LOYD Gold Ceylon?


With exceptional attention to detail and utmost care. Only such an approach guarantees the production of a world class product. And only such elite black teas end up in the elite red LOYD packets.


What gives LOYD Gold Ceylon such an amazing flavour?


We decided that such an excellent raw material deserves something better than the traditional teabags. That’s why we have created three-dimensional pyramid teabags, thanks to which the whole bouquet and the unique flavour of every single leaf of black LOYD tea is much more effectively extracted.


When is LOYD Gold Ceylon at its most charming?


The classics are immortal. This truth also applies to LOYD black teas. Gold Ceylon tastes good in all situations, at any time of the day or night. Reliably unchanged for years.