Black Lemon

How do we make LOYD Black Lemon tea?


Black teas are known for their bitter notes, which give them a distinctive, sophisticated flavour. When creating our LOYD Black Lemon tea, we decided to enrich the taste of black tea leaves with refreshing citrus notes and thus give the tea some sunny citrus lightness.


What makes the taste of LOYD Black Lemon tea so amazing?


Superb raw materials, the perfectly balanced proportions of bitter tea notes, a lemony tang and great packaging – that’s our recipe for success. Each teabag is placed in an envelope made from metallised foil which significantly prolongs the freshness of the product.


When to serve LOYD Black Lemon tea?


When you want to offer your guests the lemon-flavoured refreshment of sophisticated black tea.


Black Citrus

How do we make LOYD  Black Citrus tea?


This is a popular choice among the refreshing LOYD teas and  is created by combining the sophisticated Kenyan black tea with citrus peel, thus guaranteeing a beautiful release of sunny aromas.


What makes the taste of LOYD Black Citrus so amazing?


The first secret lies in our strict selection of the leaves of black tea. The second is metallised foil, which effectively protects the teabags and prolongs the freshness of the dry tea and its shelf life.


When to serve LOYD Black Citrus tea?


When you would like to offer your guests a little bit of warming African sunshine and a touch of a gently soothing Mediterranean breeze…

Earl Grey

How do we make LOYD Earl Grey tea?


Earl Grey is a princess among black teas. Its reputation is not only due to the rigorous selection of tea leaves before they end up on the tables worldwide, its unusual and unmistakable aroma comes from the fragrant bergamot orange peel.


What makes the taste of LOYD Earl Grey tea so amazing?


We have mentioned the meticulous selection of raw materials earlier. The second reason why it is worth paying attention to this tea is the way each teabag is packaged. Thanks to the use of metallised foil, which makes an excellent barrier, LOYD Earl Grey tea stays fresh for much longer.


When to serve LOYD Earl Grey tea?


It’s impossible to deny that LOYD Earl Grey tea takes a star turn in all situations.




How do we make LOYD Ceylon tea?


Imagine a tea paradise, where tea is harvested by hand, carefully selecting the most valuable young leaves. It is from there, Sri Lanka, that Ceylon — one of the most famous teas in the world — originates.


What makes the taste of LOYD Ceylon tea so amazing?


Its definitely above-average flavour is the result of two factors. The manner of cultivation, perfected over many years; and the strict selection of each leaf at the harvesting stage.


When is LOYD Ceylon tea at its most enchanting?


It’s one of those teas that charm as both a hot warming infusion, and as an iced drink. At any time of the day.

Gold Tea

How do we make LOYD Gold Tea?


Before a cup gets filled with the amber-coloured aromatic infusion, the leaves of this black tea must undergo a painstaking process of extremely meticulous selection. Only such an approach guarantees maintaining the constant flavour of our Gold Tea.


What makes the taste of LOYD Gold Tea so amazing?


Perfect climatic conditions, correct cultivation, careful selection – these are only some of the elements that contribute to the final success of our Gold Tea. It is worth mentioning another factor, of utmost importance: the packaging and storing of the teabags. Each of the teabags is protected by a special envelope made of metallised foil. This is a great way to maintain the freshness of such a delicate product.


When to serve LOYD Gold Tea?


When you want to enchant your guests with a taste of one of the finest golden teas in the world.