LOYD Earl Grey – round teabags

How do we make LOYD Earl Grey tea?


We add bergamot essential oil extracted from bergamot orange peel to the delicate leaves of noble black tea. We garnish the whole with subtle cornflower petals which give the entire composition a floral lightness.


What makes the taste of LOYD Earl Grey so amazing?


The inventor of the recipe for this tea was Earl Charles Grey. Its distinctive, very pleasant aroma is derived from bergamot oranges. However, the formula on its own is not everything. The extremely careful selection of the raw materials is equally important as it has a  direct impact on the high quality of the brewed infusion.


When is LOYD Earl Grey tea at its most enchanting?


When you’re in the mood for a sensual moment in the company of one of the most unusual tea aromas.

Black Lemon

How do we make LOYD Black Lemon tea?


We take the refined depth of black tea, enfold it in a soft cloud of a sensual aroma and sprinkle the whole with the sunny freshness of juicy lemons.


What makes the taste of LOYD Black Lemon tea so amazing?


Not only the painstaking selection of leaves after the harvest. The secret of its taste lies in the way the precious tea leaves are packed. Thanks to our unique envelopes, it keeps fresh much longer, which leads to the exceptional taste and aroma of this golden infusion.


When is LOYD Black Lemon tea at its most enchanting?


When you want to treat yourself to a relaxing evening in the company of the sophisticated flavours and stunning aromas of black tea.

Black Sense Kenya

How do we make LOYD  Black Sense Kenya tea?


Black Kenya tea offers a combination of an exotic taste, sunny aroma and intense, deep hues of the ready infusion. Each leaf, before it ends up in LOYD packets, must undergo a meticulous control. Only such a strict selection process guarantees the highest quality of the product.


What makes the taste of LOYD Black Sense Kenya tea so amazing?


It’s the way we package the dry tea leaves. The specially designed envelopes help to keep the product fresh, so an infusion of this black Kenyan tea impresses with its sophistication every time.


When is LOYD Black Sense Kenya tea at its most enchanting?


Tea of this class tastes wonderful at any time of the year. Ideal as a warming  shot of energy, perfect as an iced refreshment.

Black Sense Ceylon

How do we make LOYD  Black Sense Ceylon tea?


Sri Lanka is a place that, by the virtue of its prevailing climate and soil conditions, is perfect for the cultivation of tea bushes. Before the highest quality black tea leaves make their way to your cup, they undergo a painstaking selection process. As a result of this, you are guaranteed that the amber coloured infusion will delight you every time, regardless of the situation.


What makes the taste of LOYD Black Sense Ceylon tea so amazing?


The secret of teas from the Sense range lies in the envelopes. Both the material from which they are made and their design, mean that the dry leaves can maintain their quality for a long time.


When is LOYD Black Sense Ceylon tea at its most enchanting?


When you need a moment of blissful doing-nothing accompanied by a cup of golden infusion, which captivates with its deep taste and sophisticated aroma.


How do we make LOYD Ceylon tea?


This exceptionally fragrant variety of tea is grown in Sri Lanka, in the region of Dimbula. It’s there, in the high mountains, that the perfect conditions for growing tea bushes are found.


What makes the flavour of LOYD Ceylon tea so amazing?


The quality of the raw material is the main factor and it is the result of an extremely rigorous selection of tea leaves. The second factor affecting the taste of the LOYD Ceylon tea is the packaging of the teabags. We put each one in a separate envelope made from metallised foil. It maintains the freshness of the tea much more effectively than traditional forms of packaging.


When to serve LOYD Ceylon tea?


When you want to offer your guests one of the classics appreciated by tea connoisseurs around the world.